Begin With a Color Scheme for a Kid’s Bedroom Decor

Color Scheme Kid's Bedroom DecorYou have made the decision to decorate, or redecorate, your child’s bedroom. Great, now what? The easiest way to begin is by choosing color schemes. A base of 2 complementing colors is the start, then chose 1 or 2 accents colors. Make sure these are colors you child likes. Favorite colors will make your kid feel good in his or her bedroom.

If you have a theme in mind, or your child is desperate for a certain theme, then your color choices will come from that theme. A princess theme naturally lends itself to pink as a main color. Pale blue can be an accent color, as can purples, yellows and reds. A super-hero theme for a boy naturally works with true reds and blues.

From these examples, you can see that themes tend to have their own color scheme built in. But, if you aren’t using a particular theme, then you need to choose colors to decorate the kid’s bedroom around. Start with your child’s favorite color. That becomes an easy choice when they have a favorite color. If they haven’t yet revealed a favorite color, then show them some options. Make sure these are closest to true or base colors. If you would like to learn more about using a color wheel, you can find it at this article.

A simple way to do this is to go to your local paint store and pick out some color swatches. They usually give away the swatches, so you can bring them home to show your child. Even if you aren’t planning to repaint, use the color swatches to help you match or mix up colors to create a kid’s bedroom decor.

Let me show you an example: When we decided my daughter was at the age where she needed her own bedroom, we converted our home office for her kid’s bedroom. The walls were already white and we chose not to repaint. She had a favorite doll that had a purple dress. She really didn’t know that she had a favorite color, but she really liked dress, so we started with purple as the main color. We then choose white to mix with the purple and pale yellow as the accent color. Yes, the combination turned out beautiful and she later realized that purple is really her favorite color. We got hints from what she liked to hold and play with.

We reused some old furniture, painting the pieces in purple with white trim, added a purple bedding set with a pale yellow throw pillow and extra blanket over the end of her bed in pale yellow. We found a very pretty accent rug for her room that had a color scheme of purple and yellow. These were just simple things that made her bedroom just perfect for her. Easy kid’s bedroom decor! And yes, she loved her bedroom for years to come.

So jump in with both feet and pick out color schemes for your child’s bedroom. The decorating will flow easily from there.

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