Dinosaur Wall Decals for Bedroom Decorating

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dinosaur wall decalsBedroom decorating is easier using wall decals. And dinosaur wall decals make great decorating for those little guys who love those giant guys. A dinosaur theme is a favorite for many boys’ bedrooms. Here are some fun dinosaur wall decals plus tips to make the decorating easier.

Realistic or Cuddly Dinosaur Themes

With the arrival of many dinosaur movies for families, the image of the big scary beasts is changing. But you need to decide whether or not the realistic look of dinosaurs is right for your child. Typically, the older kids will be more attracted to the realistic look. The younger the child, the more cuddly the dinosaurs. There is no age definition for this. So you need to be the one to determine if your child will be happier with the realistic or the cuddly dinosaur look.

Some dinosaur wall decals, and other bedroom decorating items, have a fierce expression on the faces. Growling, roaring expressions could be scary to a little guy. Other dinosaur wall decals still depict the giant animals as realistic without the scary look. Then you have the cute dinosaur images. Those with happy faces, bright colors and minimal detail.

Dinosaur Wall Decals

These are some of my favorite choices for dinosaur wall decals. Luckily for us, they are not expensive. That means you can get several to create scenes on the walls, even develop fun focal points. Or mix and match some wall decals to create the right effect. I’ve even been known to mix dinosaur wall decals with playful monkey decals.  It’s all about achieving the right look to delight both you and your child.

Applying Dinosaur Wall Decals

After applying many wall decals, I have some tips to make things easier. Always, I encourage you to read the instructions for other tips as well.

  • Peel decals carefully from backing. Especially with small or thin parts.
  • Start with the largest pieces. These are the hardest to rearrange, so get them placed first.
  • Begin at the bottom, then press and smooth as you move up.
  • Add the smaller pieces to create the look you want.

Because dinosaur wall decals don’t leave any mess behind, you can rearrange them all you like. Use the same tips for removing and rearranging. They will stick to any smooth surface. So feel free to continue the scene across furniture or doors. Dinosaur wall decals will make easy work of bedroom decorating.

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