Easy Themes for Kid’s Room Decor

Themes Kids Bedroom DecorDecorating your kid’s room can be easy when you start with a theme.  Most likely, your child has a favorite animated character from a TV show or movie. That is an easy way to start.

Character Theme Merchandise is Plentiful

Nearly everyone of the animated characters has some kind of merchandise to go along with it. And they are easy to find in nearly every department store and online shopping store. Some of the characters have full lines of kid’s bedding and bedroom accessories. There is a simple and easy way to decorate.

But, if your child’s favorite animated character hasn’t gone into full merchandising, you can still create a theme for his or her bedroom. Pick the color schemes of that character for your child’s room. Choose several stuffed animals that will work with that character. If you can find a doll or action figure that works, simply set that up as part of the decor.

How to Create Focal Points for Theme Decor

Create a focus point for the doll or action figure. Group a few different sized items together on a shelf or hung from the wall and you have a great focal point for the theme’s decor. I’m sure you have watched the show or movie that your child loves, so you can see what other things will show up that the character enjoys.

Maybe the animated character rides a horse. Add a stuffed horse in the same color as the one the character rides and you have a set.

Simple Accessories for Kid’s Rooms Themes

It’s the simple additions to your child’s room that help create the look of the theme. And themes really do narrow down the choices for how you will pick those special items that make up the decor. With the theme of an animated character, you will have plenty of merchandise to choose from.

So let you child be surrounded by their favorite character or two. Both of you will be happier.

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