Kids Toy Storage Bins

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Kids-Toy-Storage-BinsKids bedrooms have lots of toys, but one of these fun storage bin sets can be a great way for children to keep their toys put away and add bright and colorful decor to their rooms.

These are simple storage bins arranged neatly across several rows. That makes it easier for children to put away their own toys.

Keeping Kid’s Rooms Neat

We all know how hard it is to get kids to keep their rooms neat and cleaned up. Just the process of putting away the toys can make a huge difference in how neat their rooms are. Wouldn’t it be great if the kids did that themselves? A pipe dream you say? Not with storage bins. Or, at least I can say, storage bins helped.Not only do these storage bins work well with just about any kids bedroom decor theme, but they can also be rearranged to suit the toy needs. Which means you can have small toys separated from larger pieces or put together a play grouping all in one bin or one shelf. Like building blocks across a single shelf.

Kid’s Toy Storage Bins


These are two of my favorites. Both are available in different color combinations so you can pick the one that matches best in your own child’s bedroom theme or decor style. Of course, extra or replacement bins are available, which is great for configuring the bin organizer to just the way it works best for your own child.

Many Options for Toy Storage Bins

Yes, there are plenty of things that work fine for storing toys when they aren’t in use. Shelves, closets, drawers all work. But, storage bins turned out to be one of the best in my family. Just the simple open boxes that can stand up to lots of use. You can see lots more styles and types of toy storage bins to add to your child’s room.

Convenience and Good Looks

We always look for the best ways to add storage to any room. We want those pieces to look nice, but be convenient for putting away and finding just what we need. The same is true for our kid’s toys. They can find just what they want, put it away easier and rearrange all they want with bin storage for their toys. My granddaughter even uses hers to play “toy store.” Now, that’s multi-functional, in my view.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    These are really neat storage bins for kids! Actually, I can think of several ways I could use them too.

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